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Learning with Miss. Christen From Russia

icp learning1

This is the performance of International Class Program (ICP) of SD Hj. Isriati Baiturrahman 1 Semarang, The Global Islamic Elementary School. The ICP of SD Hj. Isriati consists of two Classes. There are Class I C and Class I D.

The home room teachers of I C are Mr. Nanang and Mrs. Rizza. And the home room teachers of I D are Mrs. Ida dan Mrs. Ika. They are the best teachers on SD Hj. Isriati Baiturrahman 1 Semarang.

One day, the guest from Russia came in SD Hj. Isriati. Her name is Christina. She came in SD Hj. Isriati for several days. She came here to understand the culture of the Muslim people, especially the students of Isriati Elementary School.

Christina taught the students of ICP for several minutes. She looked happy when she taught in ICP. So the students were very happy too. They asked something to Christina. They asked her country, her job, her hobby and so on. 007

Learning with Miss. Isabel From Germany

The picture above is a guest teacher from Germany. She is the future teachers, one from the Faculty of Education at the University of Germany. She came to Indonesia, in order to apply her knowledge in Isriati.

Miss. Isabel, once called him, was in SD Hj. Isriati for two months. In Isriati she as a guest teacher. She along with classroom teachers to teach in the ICP. In addition to teaching English, she also taught Mathematics and Science.

The children were very excited to learn with Miss. Isabel. They regard themselves as the class teacher. Besides good at teaching, Miss. Isabel also friendly and kind to the students. Although in Isriati only two months, but the students are very close with her.

While in Semarang, she stayed in Oriza home. Oriza is student of Isriati elementary school, which currently sits in 2nd grade of ICP. Miss. Isabel was happy to stay with Oriza family. There Miss. Isabel can quickly adjust to the customs house Oriza.

Although in a short time, ICP students get an interesting experience, because they can be learned by native speaker.

Learning with Mr. Martin Kunze from Germany

Mr. Martin is one of favorite guest teacher at Isriati. He came from Germany. He is a graduate of the Master of Sociology from one university in Germany. He came to Indonesia in order to learn about the culture of Indonesia.

Before becoming a manager at the company, he had been teaching English at a school in Germany. Because of that, he's good at bringing himself in front of the children. In addition he was polite, he was jaunty, and friendly with everyone.

In SD Hj. Isriati he taught English in ICP. He is very close to the children. The children were very happy with him. Speech in English is easily understood by the students. So they are easy to communicate with him.

One thing that appeals to Mr. Martin, when he was going to start learning, there are some students who provide traditional food for him. Mr. Martin was surprised. Apparently, the food was a typical meal of Semarang.

In Semarang Mr. Martin lived in Mr. Sunoto's house. Mr. Sunoto is one of Isriati teacher. He lives in Semarang for two months. During the two months, he used the time to serve in Isriati.

Learning with Miss. Salome from Switzerland

Guest teacher this one, named Miss. Salome. She is from Switzerland. She is a candidate for one of the university students in Switzerland. At that time, she was off, waiting for the day to go to college. He came to Indonesia, in order to find work experience.

Of the much internship in Indonesia, Miss. Salome chose SD Hj. Isriati. Apparently he was interested Isriati, thanks to information from one of the international organizations in Semarang. He was immediately sent to Hj. Isriati elementary school curriculum vitae. Isriati party was well received.

In Isriati Miss. Salome assist classroom teachers, teaching at ICP. She taught English, Math, and Science. In addition, he also studied Indonesian language with Isriati teachers.

The children were very excited to learn with Miss. Salome. He is very patient and gentle she said.

During her living in Semarang, Ms. Salome stays on Mrs. Inna's house in Woltermonginsidi sub-district. This area is about 20 minutes from the school. Mrs. Inna and Miss. Salome go to school together every morning.

Active Learning with Room Teacher

This is the model of learning with Jigsaw. Jigsaw is one of the active learning model. The excellence of Jigsaw learning model is able to improve cooperation, responsibility, boldness of expression, tolerance, and independence of students. For sure it was great fun learning.

Steps in learning Jigsaw is the first students are grouped into several groups. Each group, consisting of 4 to 5 children. Each child in the group was given a different part of the material. Then each child learn each piece of content. After studying the matter, children are grouped into a new group.

In a new group of children discussing the same material. The group is called the group of experts. After finishing the discussion, they returned to the original group. Each member of the group listened to a team of experts. Then a team of experts presented the results of the discussion. Following these activities, the teacher gives the evaluation.

That picture of active learning creatively with the Jigsaw model, which is applied in ICP.

Learn to pray and recite the Quran

One of habituation, which is imparted to the students, is prayer. In school, children learn to pray from sitting in class 1. Habituation is expected to establish the character of a fanatic Muslim.

In Grade 1, children are taught purification before prayer, ways of prayer, pillars prayer, prayers and readings. In class 2, in addition to the children learn the obligatory prayers, they also taught Duha prayer. Every Monday through Thursday, the children learn to pray Duha in the mosque.

After studying prayer, the children were learning to read and write the letter of Al-Quran. They were taught by teachers of religion are reliable. In addition the children are also required to memorize short letters of the Qur'an.


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